Women's perfume for the summer: top 5 fragrances for every taste


Summer is in full swing. In this regard, we are increasingly hearing about the fashion trends of the summer season: in makeup, in clothes, in manicure, in hair, but somehow we forget about perfumes. But perfume is an integral part of our daily lifestyle, it makes an important contribution to our mood and the impression we leave.

Summer fragrances are usually fresh and light, emphasizing the joy and freedom of this season. Citrus notes, cool sea breeze accords and floral aromas become the basis of summer perfumery. We have selected fragrances that are perfect for daily use and will make summer unforgettable:

Exotic Still Life in Rio by OLFACTIVE STUDIO A fragrance that combines vivacity, energy and joy of life, takes us to the picturesque corners of Brazil. Expressive notes of mandarin, yuzu, lemon, mint and ginger represent the hot sun and gorgeous beaches of this country. A combination of pepper and coconut water is added to spice up the flavor. In the final notes, we feel the hot accents of rum, which are given an exotic touch of Copay balsam. This fragrance creates an atmosphere of delight and adventure, allowing you to enjoy life in all its manifestations.

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