7 simple tricks to make your home smell expensive and noble


It is nice to feel the smell of freshness, the delicate aroma of flowers or delicious pastries. But the most desirable and expensive scent in the home is zero odor, or the smell of cleanliness. Cleaning expert Melissa Maker says cleanliness is the absence of bad odors. If you do not mask them, but eliminate the causes, you can create the perfect atmosphere. Here are the techniques that will fill the house with cleanliness and a noble aroma.

1. Eliminate Excess Moisture
Dampness in the house provokes unpleasant odors. The kitchen and bathroom should be given more attention: there are many sources of moisture.

Kitchen towels, sponges, cleaning rags and a bath mat need to be dried well and in time - then a musty smell will not appear. You can also lay out a few bags of moisture absorber on shelves and in cabinets.
2. Minimize odors from household waste
The trash can is an obvious source of odors. Often a cat tray and pet beds are added to it. We come into contact with these things every day, get used to it and may not even notice what flavor they exude.

Eliminate it completely will not work, but to minimize it is quite real. It is important not only to replace the bags, but also to periodically wash the trash can - inside and out. The same with the trays - it is better not to forget about their cleanliness and replacement of the filler.
5. Ventilate the rooms
Opening windows is the easiest way to bring freshness into your home. The space immediately becomes cleaner, unnecessary smells leave it. Try to ventilate the house even in cool weather - at least for a few minutes. If possible, open windows at different ends of the apartment - for better air circulation.

6. Use odor neutralizers
Odor absorbers absorb excess odors well, often they also collect moisture. I like bags of dry granules that can be spread around the apartment or hung in rooms with unwanted smells. There are gel absorbers in a stable case - put them in the bathroom or next to the cat's litter box. There are neutral and with a light aroma - choose what is closer.

Where to buy an odor neutralizer
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7. Add Subtle Unobtrusive Flavors
When unwanted smells and their causes are eliminated, it's time to add pleasant notes to the atmosphere. Do not use rich or spicy scents - they may not be suitable for all households and guests. The best solution is fresheners, candles and diffusers with natural aroma oils.

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